We would love for you to join us and be part of our archery club. We feel our membership is extremely affordable. Fill out our membership form and bring a signed club waiver. This can be done in person as well.

Our goal is to:

  • Make our club be a fun and social environment.
  • Make our membership affordable.
  • Promote the sport of archery.

Membership Cost

Our membership is prorated throughout the year.

*Pay by noted month and receive $5 off one club T-Shirt or Hoodie.

Payment is currently accepted in person by cash.

Benefits of Membership

  1. Members in good standing may attend all public tournaments hosted by the club. If fees are required, they shall be at a reduced cost vs non-members.
  2. Members may attend all club Tuesday evening shoots free of donation. Non-members are asked to donate $2.00 at the beginning of the event to cover the cost of range maintenance and targets.
  3. Members in good standing may attend all scheduled monthly club meetings.
  4. Members may submit agenda items and present ideas to the board at meetings.
  5. Members in good standing may nominate members for the Board of Directors during the nomination period.
  6. Members in good standing may vote during the elections period for the next Board of Directors.
  7. Merchandise shall be available at cost.
  8. A small merchandise item (e.g. club sticker) shall be included.